EVENTS: Final Days of Disney Infinity Online Play – Come Play and Unlock Achievements / Trophies! #PlayDisneyInfinity


Hello Disney Infinity Fans! Jason Inquires (@JasonInquires), formally from Infinity Inquirer, to tell you about some Disney Infinity events this month I’m helping put out with the help of Disney Dan (@DisneyCheats) from

But first, let’s talk about why this month is bit of an emotional month for Disney Infinity fans.

The Disney Infinity servers are going offline on March 3rd, 2017.

So I wanted to get everyone together some last few hours to play together as a community, and unlock those last achievements / trophies for each game.

Remember, there are a select few achievements or trophies in each game that are tied to online play (Look at the end of the post for the details).

So after the severs get shutdown on March 3rd, you will not be able to unlock these achievements/trophies! 

You will however, still be able to play the game!

The only thing the shutdown affects is online play.

You will be able to play with all your figures, all your playsets, unlock the keyblade, etc. All patches are stored on the console servers (Playstation, Microsoft,  and Nintendo). 

But in addition to unlocking the achievements/trophies, I also wanted to make sure we could just enjoy playing the games online. So if you already unlocked everything, here is your chance to help others and just have a fun time playing the game we love! If you don’t ever play online, that’s okay too. Just take these times to enjoy playing the game as well.

At the end of the month, we’ll have one final night of playing Disney Infinity across all games and platforms!

There are four weeks in February, and we will feature the Playstation and Microsoft systems across those four weeks.

Note: The Wii and Wii U systems have “feats” you can unlock, but since those aren’t tied to your account/gamercard it’s not as critical, but we’ll still feature the Wii U on our final night!

Each of the four weeks, we’ll be hosting a play night on Thursday and Saturday of each week, following the same time schedule.

Here are the times for each night and which version to play:

  • 8:00PM ET — Disney Infinity 1.0
  • 9:00PM ET — Disney Infinity 2.0
  • 10:00PM ET — Disney Infinity 3.0

For the Playstation 4 and Xbox One nights, they didn’t receive Disney Infinity 1.0 so we’ll start at 9:00PM ET.

To help co-ordinate getting players together, we will create a facebook event for each night. Be sure to click on each link and choose “attend” to stay up-to-date and interact with other fans!

If you don’t have facebook, you can also use the hashtag #PlayDisneyInfinity to find other players who are participating.

If you live internationally, don’t fret! You can join as well. Realistically, you only need to find 2-3 more players to play with you for these unlocks. We will provide a way for you to connect with others as well. Feel free to participate throughout the day, we’re just focusing on some direct times to boost the numbers as much as we can.


Here is the schedule breakdown:

Thursday February 2nd & Saturday February 4th — Xbox 360!

February 2nd session cancelled due to some scheduling conflicts.

Thursday February 9th & Saturday February 11th — Playstation 3!

Thursday February 16th & Saturday February 18th — Xbox One!

Thursday February 23rd & Saturday February 25th — Playstation 4!

Thursday March 2nd — ALL CONSOLES!


These are the achievements / trophies for each version of Disney Infinity. These all require online access, so these are the ones you want to focus on.

Disney Infinity 1.0

  • “It’s a Party!” — Play a four player game
    • NOTE: You must connect with someone on your friends list. If you have a second controller, you can use that to act as a second player as well
  • Acrobat” — Stand on top of a stack of 4 Characters.
    • NOTE: You must connect with someone on your friends list. If you have a second controller, you can use that to act as a second player as well.

Disney Infinity 2.0

  • “All Four One”Play a 4-player game
    • NOTE: You can use a second controller and connect with someone who also has a second controller. Just play a game online with them.
  • “World Traveler” Download 5 user-generated games.
    • NOTE: Go to the Community Content section (Main Menu -> Multiplayer -> Community Content) and download 5 of them. Don’t need to load them up, just download them.
  • “Toy Box Maker” — Publish your own Toy Box Game
    • NOTE: Create a toy box and publish it to the cloud

Disney Infinity 3.0

  • “Friendly Competition” — Participate in an Arcade Match
    • NOTE: You can use a second controller to add a second player to the game, then just head to Flynn’s arcade and wait for other players to join
  • “Arcade Ace” — Participate in 10 Arcade Matches
    • NOTE: You can use a second controller to add a second player to the game, then just head to Flynn’s arcade and wait for other players to join
  • “Outside Concessions” — Play a downloaded UGC in the theater (Xbox Live, Single Player Only)
    • NOTE: Go to the Theater in the hub world. Inside you will see various posters that when you click on it will feature a level you can download and play.

There are some “feats” that require online access as well, and I can create a list for those of you interested in that. But definitely make sure you take care of these achievements!

Be sure to be following me on social media (Twitter: @InfinityInq, @JasonInquires; Facebook: /InfinityInquirer, /JasonInquires) to stay up to date.

Dan will also be updating information regarding the events as well, so be sure to check him out on twitter @DisneyCheats

Written by JasonInq


    If any one is interested to help me unlock the “All Four One” achievement in 2.0, please message me, since the schedules above are not ideal for me.

    • Tom Styan


  • Bryan Mehaffey

    I am interested in helping someone if they want to get all the xbox 360 and xbox one cheevos. Mantis26.

    • Eric Doman

      I sent you a friend request in xbox 360. edoman8

  • Modeltrainman

    I don’t have all the achievements on XB360, but do on PS4, so I can help, there.

    • Tom Styan

      have you got 2.0 on ps4?

      • Modeltrainman


  • DH2020

    I need to get the online achievements on the xbox 360. Could anyone help me get them please? Gamertag: DemonHunter2020

  • Eric Doman

    Anyone online tonight, 2/11/17 for xbox360? Edoman8

  • argggh

    On the playstation and need help to get all these trophies before the big shutoff! Gamertag argggh8. Please help!
    I have Disney Infinity 1, 2 and 3, the whole shebang!

  • catacomb_ff

    Need help with ps3 and 2.0 on ps4. Friend me. Psn: catacomb_ff

  • Bryan Mehaffey

    Is anyone else bricked on xbox one now? The base no longer reads after it fails to connect to their servers. I feel I have a ton of worthless plastic now.

  • Benjamin Spilker

    Is there a way to add a third or fourth player on infinity 3.0 xbox 360? If I have a second base, is that a possibility?

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