Episode 106 – Trouble in Skylands

For Episode 106, we couldn’t even think about recording until the big meeting in Activision HQ took place, as the fate of the Skylanders franchise hung in the balance. Once the dust settled, however, we jumped right in, bringing not only the Skylanders update, but every other bit of news from the toys-to-life genre, to the show for you, the listening audience. Skylands may be in trouble, but Toys For Games is not!

We kick off the show discussing Jason’s globetrotting plans (what’s new), and his birthday, which just so happens to be celebrated by the holiday of love as well. When we get to the news, we start off with a recap of the Disney Infinity community game nights, before discussing the release of LEGO Dimensions Wave 7.5. Then we chat about some amiibo, and invite a couple of special guests on – in the middle of the show, without any warning! From there, we gush about the handcrafted Space Eagle from Beasts of Balance. Finally, we break down the big Skylanders news from Activision’s investor’s meeting today, and what it possibly means for the fate of the franchise.

In the back half of the episode, we read through all the tweets for the #CommunityQuestion, and pick a winner for the #ResponseOfTheWeek giveaway. Finally, we wrap up with several great emails from the great folks in the community, doing our best to answer all questions thrown our way!

All this and more on Episode 106 of the Toys For Games ‘Cast!

Executive Producer:
Jorge Torres!

ep 106

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Written by Josh Brown

Josh has been a fan of video games for ever, and toys just as long, so the combination of the two was a perfect match. Starting back with the original Skylanders game, Josh has been committed to the support of the toys-to-life franchises and game genre, and Toys For Games is the culmination of 5+ years with the growing community.

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