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Toys For Games started out as just a weekly podcast, but immediately after episode one, we realized that there was so much more we could offer to the collecting community, specially for the toys-to-life genre. With the co-host combination of Josh Brown and Jason Grier, the duo record a podcast at least once a week to cover everything from the four main franchises in toys-to-life: Skylanders, Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions and Nintendo’s amiibo figures.

Every week they do their best to update the listeners and followers on everything regarding all the franchises, which may come as a surprise to some – even the co-hosts themselves. Originally, there didn’t seem to be enough information on a weekly basis to sustain a full-length podcast, but immediately after the first episode was recorded, it was perfectly clear that they would be back every single week with something to talk about.

The toys-to-life video game genre is still relatively new, but slowly the franchises are starting to creep into mainstream audiences and consumers scope of knowledge. The boom was definitely ignited by the amiibo craze, which despite the negativity revolving around the supply issues, helped bring the collecting aspect of these game franchises into full view.

That is where Jason and Josh come in. While the games themselves are covered by Toys For Games, a lot more emphasis is placed on collecting the characters and figures. They are both serious collectors at heart, with toys-to-life franchises being the cornerstone of their collecting habits, which they use to connect with the community. It doesn’t just stop there, however, as they also cover other collectibles they thoroughly enjoy, such as but not limited to Funko Pop Vinyls. Disney’s Tsum Tsums and yes, even Shopkins (although maybe a little sarcastically with that last one).

What was just a humble, simple podcast at first is now growing into a brand, especially with the launch of this website. The world of collecting, especially in the realm of toys-to-life video games and figures, is something that people shouldn’t be ashamed of or feel like they need to hide. Toys For Games is insistent on giving everyone a safe place to feel part of a bigger community of collectors, and the desire to spread that positivity hopefully shows in everything they do.

meet the team

NintendoInquirer-JoshBrownJosh Brown – Co-Owner/Host

Josh got into toys-to-life when the first Skylanders game was released back in 2011, and hasn’t looked back since. He’s a lifelong gamer, collector and fan of pop culture. FInd him on Twitter, @TheNoyse.


Jason Grier – Co-Owner/Host


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